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  • Marty and the Hands that Could by Josh Wilder

    WACO Theater Center and Watts Village Theater Company present the world premier of Marty and the Hands that Could by Josh Wilder, directed by Larry Powell.

    Released from prison on the eve of his 25th birthday, Marty returns home to his family, equipped with a handwritten manuscript and big dream...


    What do we witness when we see through the eyes of Black women? What becomes visible? How does looking alongside Black women shift our point-of-view?

    Exploring themes of identity, girlhood, womanhood, family, community care, future-making and dreaming, WITNESS invites you to look alongside and t...

  • Black Hömer

    Black Hömer reveals an alternative window in which to explore—“Epiic”—poetry in motion. The Greek author and poet Homer has been noted as one of “the greatest of all time...” but to whose standards? Creator and choreographer Friidom Dunn wants audiences to recognize the Odyssey-like journey we ea...

  • 5 Years of WACO Theater Center

  • Senior Portraits: 2022

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    Join us in celebrating our class of 2022 seniors! Ms. Tina’s Angels and Richard’s Warrior programs empower talented students to identify their dreams, and with a mentor, gain the clarity, discipline, and skill to achieve them. Learn more about our mentees here!

  • Gala 2022 | Harlem Nights (Recap)

  • Profiled: The Black Man (Panel)

  • Black Terror: Behind the Scenes

    Featuring interviews from the cast and crew, as well as behind-the-scenes footage, this mini-documentary takes a look at the making of the film Black Terror. Based on the original play by Richard Wesley, and directed by Richard Lawson, this bi-coastal production between WACO Theater Center and Ne...

  • WACO 2023 Season Announcement

    Our 2022/23 artistic program offers a multidisciplinary series of performances and events, including music, dance, theatre, art exhibitions, films and more!